Cats and Books Blog


Hello and welcome to my blog! Here you will find info and opinions on cats and books including: Harry Potter, Warriors, Wings of Fire, maybe The Hunger Games, maybe Percy Jackson or a series my sister likes that I can't remember the name of. First I'll talk about myself. My name is, (classified by the parental controls) and I have one sister and five cats. I'd prefer not to write about my sister at ALL. I am a crazy cat lady if that's what you want to call it. I read lots of books. I spend my spare time reading and playing on my Nintendo-3DS. My hobbies are drawing and singing. I love to draw My Little Pony stuff (it's a TV show if you don't know what it is) and cats. CATS and cats and MORE cats! I also enjoy other things like trying new things. Mostly new food items. If you have never tried tuna and yogurt then you should. It is so good. It's texture is like applesauce but not as smooth. It almost tastes like that weird cotton-candy flavored yogurt but more tuna tasting. I know you're probably grossed out and stuff but hey I'm me and you're you. My favorite books of all time is Harry Potter! I love Star Trek as well. My favorite Star Trex movies is the new 2016 one, Star Trex Beyond. There is not much to talk about myself but I can talk about my favorite thing of all time......CATS!!!!


My sister's name is, (classified by the parental controls). Yes, I did say I would not talk about her but I'm running out of ideas here. My sister is in 4th grade, oops make that 5th grade. I probable should know my own sister's grade but we all can be forgetful sometimes. I have been taking voice since the 3rd grade and I'm a junior level 2 in competition. Most people don't know what that means but it is good to be that level. I should probably be in 7th right now rather than 6th because my birthday missed the cut by like a month! I was just like really a month when I found out. I personally am not the kind of person you would see with a gun but yet my uncle gets me one for my birthday. I can not spell like anything right except for like basic words. I have a pretty good vocabulary but I just can't spell any of them. I love books! If you asked me about a book I could tell you everything about it. I have a good memory so I can almost remember everything I learn. My favorite subject is math, it always have been. I love to draw! I draw a lot and I love to draw cats best. I dislike dogs, basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, volleyballs and footballs. Did you know that cats are afraid of cucumbers. I have watched multiple cat videos and the cat is always scared of the cucumber. Cats are also afraid of vacuum cleaners.